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Customised Equipment Labels

GDS Technologies can provide customised company labelling for its full range of products.

With the exception of display windows and push buttons, the label detail and colouring (including product name) may be changed to suit your requirements.

Customised labels supplied by GDS will be charged at cost. Labels will be held by GDS who will notify customers when levels deplete to minimum re-order levels.

Customer supplied labels will be held by GDS and notification issued to the customer when further labels are required.

Where the product name is to be changed, a PDF of the manual with appropriate changes will be issued to enable the customer to print their own manuals (manuals will not be supplied with product names changed).

If you wish to create your own label for a GDS product, please email John Hicks ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) who will provide you with label details contact our label artwork designer, Lindsay Bailey at Broadway Art and Type ( and our label printers at Ryder and Chaddock (


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