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Advantages and features of the Sensor Aspirator Unit

• Reduces installation and maintenance costs

• Reduces engineering time required on site minimising disruption

and downtime under target areas

• Improved safety

• Low cost, low maintenance, long life

• No specialist safety equipment required for servicing

• Internal or remote gas sensor / transmitter

• Full fault monitoring


Input - 24v DC ±20% 70mA
Flow Rate - 1.5 litres/min
Continuous Running - Pump Motor – 6 years expected / Diaphragm – 3 years in air
Flow Fail Monitor
Green LED – normal operation
Red LED – pipe blockage (FF)
Orange LED – pump fail (PF)
Sounder – not less than 85dB @ 30cm
Outputs - Relay S.P.C.O 1Amp @ 230vAC – PF/FF/PF+FF / Selectable 5/12vDC NE or DE / Factory set – open drain
Sample Line - 6mm OD 4mm ID / Max Length – 25m, min – 1m / Material – nylon, polypropylene, PTFE
Couplings - In/Out - push fit - barbed
Mounting: 4 – 3.5 Ø
Dimensions - 123L 48W 50H
Weight - 160 gms
Mounting/Position - The unit should be mounted at chest height with the sample line travelling to the target area at either high or low level. A filter (Part no. 008-212) should be attached to the pipe end where high levels of particulates may be present.


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