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GDS 2000

Gas Net has been designed to operate in the full range of environments from commercial premises
through to heavy industrial applications which may require hazardous area sensing.
Typical monitor locations are - public buildings, car parks, tunnels, breweries, boiler plant rooms,
water treatment works, H&V control, manufacturing, process plants, horticulture, hotels, offices.

The GDS 2000 has been designed with features which provide an effective response to the
problems involved in detecting gases in industrial environments covering boiler houses through to
offshore petrochemical installations.
• 3 Adjustable alarm trip points
• Standby Battery Charger Module
• Data logger module
A 3U Eurocard modular gas alarm system, having the flexibility to operate as a single or
multichannel system. Each alarm module operates independently without the need for a common
controller/server or reporting facility, resulting in a high integrity system.
Common alarm functions are available via an optional multifunction facilities module which
provides status supervision to any number of alarm cards and may be inserted at any point within
the system or used remotely as a control and indicator panel having reset functions.


Measuring Range 
Combustible Gas - LEL, % Vol, ppm
Toxic Gas - ppm, % Vol
Oxygen - % vol - Depletion or Enrichment
Any 4~20mA input signal

Digital Display 31/2 Digit
Power - Green L.E.D.
Switch on delay power indicator flashing - 45 secs
Alarms Lo/Hi - Red L.E.Ds
Fault - Amber L.E.D.
System Test - Alarm L.E.D.s flashing
Alarm relay inhibit - Fault L.E.D. on

Audible Alarm
Low, High and Fault Alarms

Power Supply
Low, High and Fault Alarms

Power Consumption
4 watts - full alarm

Detector Modules
1 to 14 per 19” tray

Combustible Gas - % L.E.L

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