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GDS have been awarded ISO18001

October 2016: GDS have been awarded ISO18001.

In recent years, OHSAS 18001 has become the most internationally recognised standard for health and safety management systems. It demonstrates an organisation’s commitment to controlling its health and safety risks and eliminating work-related accidents.

The standard provides a systematic approach to managing your health and safety risks and ensuring you remain legally compliant.

OHSAS 18001 contains a framework for improving any organisation’s health and safety performance by adopting sound risk management principles including:

  1. Maintaining commitment from senior management and buy-in from employees
  2. Systematically identifying hazards, assessing risks and applying appropriate control measures
  3. Maintaining safe systems of work to manage high risk activities and responding effectively to emergency situations
  4. Monitoring developments in health and safety regulations and legislation and ensuring compliance
  5. Thoroughly investigating the root causes of accidents and near misses. Continually looking for opportunities to eliminate hazards at source and better manage risks.


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